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Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler

Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler

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  • Lupine Large Dog Leash Coupler in solid colors
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Product Description

Great for walking two dogs at once. Measured end-to-end, including hardware. In all Large Dog Traditional Solid colors.

Available in 1" width, 24" long from snap to snap.

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Product Reviews

  1. Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler
    Useful 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 4th 2017

    Very useful for my two dogs. I actually have two tibetan mastiffs and one golden. I only use it for one of the mastiffs (a 7-month old puppy) and my older golden (12 years). Both calmly walk together. The only problem is when they need to pee and potty. But I am fine with it because I have a lot of patience. I can finally take them both out without having to exhaust both my arms. I wish it was longer though. Maybe if it had what collars had where it can be extended but we'll see. Another problem is that my dog can bite through it if I leave it on him. Thankfully, Lupine gives me a guarantee for these sorts of issues!

  2. Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler
    Excellent for walking 2 dogs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 14th 2017

    I had another coupler made by another company which I thought was too long and my dogs still tangled themselves up. I purchased this coupler which is shorter than my original, and it solved the problem. I am not able to couple 2 of my dogs together and have the 3rd dog on his own leash. Like the reviewer before me, I wish there was a 3 way coupler.

  3. Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler
    Very Thick & Sturdy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 28th 2016

    When I ordered this I was a bit hesitant of ordering it online since I couldn't touch it first, to see if it was made to last a long time. But We were in need of one and I just didn't want to pay the price at the department store for one that I knew wouldn't last but several months like the previous one and have no warranty what so ever.

    When I got this in the mail just a few days after placing my order, I was surprised when I took it out of the mailing envelope and the material itself was nice and thick, and it had weight to it, it was not light weight like our previous one that only lasted about 3 months , being used by 2 beagles every weekend.

    The stitching on this coupler is very good, the material is thick, and the O rings are heavy and seem like they are going to be very durable, along with the material itself.

    Having a lifetime warranty sweetens the deal, The price is also a good price for this quality. I paid a lot more for the previous one we had, that didn't even hold up for a every weekend walk for 3 months.

    Our beagles do like to pull, (their beagles don't expect them not to pull when their nose is down..) and I think this will be the last coupler I'll have to buy.

    I recommend this product to anyone looking for this coupler, It is so much easier walking two dogs on one leash using this, than it is walking two dogs with two leashes! You won't get tangled up in their leashes, the dogs won't get tangled up in the leashes any more either. It does make for a more peaceful walk or at least for those who have dogs that aren't hunters, and think their nose has to be on the ground for a normal weekend walk ;), But on those few occasions they'll stop tracking while on a walk, they do make it a peaceful walk for us.

    Now if Lupine came out with a 3 ring coupler so I can walk all 3 of our dogs, on one leash I'd be in heaven.

  4. Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler
    Coupler review 3 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 20th 2015

    Still trying to get used to it...it tends to pull one dog. I guess they have to get used to it. I have a large and small dog and it's not working great. I think it'd be good for 2 dogs the same size. I'll keep trying as I like the idea!

  5. Large Dog Basics Leash Coupler
    Leash coupler review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 12th 2014

    This is an excellent product. Whoever thought of it is a genius, We can now walk both dogs while easily controlling both. It works extremely well!

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